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Move to Painless Web - One time fee for complete transfer


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Two options:


 1.  Painless Hosting - Includes site maintenance.
         Per month
         Semi-annual (equivalent to $30/mo)
         Annual (equivalent to $27/mo)


2.  Regular Hosting - site work at hourly rate.


    Annual only (equivalent to $20/mo)




New Web Sites  details


Two options:


1.  Painless Package - One time fee for complete setup


2.  By-the-Hour - may be required for larger/complex sites




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Work not covered by the above schedule.




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Detailed 15 point evaluation & consultation



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New Web Sites

There are two ways to go; By-the-hour, and the Painless Package. Not sure which is best for you? Let's talk! Call 434 242-1841 (866 234-9922 toll free) or email.

The Painless Package - $497 + hosting.
Includes everything to get you online, and we do all the work. Here's what to expect:

  • We'll interview you and perhaps some of your staff to develop goals and a plan for your web site.
  • Collect photos, graphics and text for your site. (New photography is extra, but we can make all the arrangements.)
  • Create a distinctive design. (Matched to your existing marketing materials, or created from scratch.)
  • Build a web site focused on supporting your business goals, and get it online.
  • A 100%, 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
  • And more!

Call or email now to get started. 434 242-1841, or 866 234-9922 toll free

The Painless Package is for professional practices and smaller businesses. It just takes a quick phone call to find out if you're eligible. If not, you can still get a great Painless Web web site for only $65/hour. Call now to get your free, firm estimate. Note that hosting, as described below, is required in addition to building your site. Clear as mud? Call now at 434 242-1841, or 866 234-9922 toll free

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Your web site is a collection of computer files. These are kept on a special computer called a web server. "Hosting" is the rent you pay to have your files kept on a web server. Painless Web hosting comes in two flavors:

Painless Hosting. This includes all site maintenance; changes to staff info, text, graphics, etc., as well as new pages, email accounts, pictures, etc. Choose your plan:

  • $37/month. (Automatic credit card or bank draft only)
  • $180/6 months. (Just $30/month)
  • $324/year. (Just $27/moth)

Regular hosting, with other services provided at the hourly rate. Painless Web may, at it's discretion, require clients with larger sites or more complex needs to use this plan.

  • $240/year ($20/month)

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Existing Web Sites

Here's a smart idea: Painless Web's Painless Transfer! $497.
Let us move your site to Painless Web servers, and get everything fixed on the way. Includes moving files, email transfer and configuration, resolving domain and DNS records issues, site re-organization, navigation clean up, and fixing most technical issues. Usually writing and re-design are not included, but that depends on how much other work needs doing. You may also be eligible for Painless Hosting.

By-the-hour - $65 per hour
Want to keep your web site where it is? If your needs are simple, then going with the hourly rate may be your best bet. Call now to discuss your new or improved web site: 434 242-1841, or 866 234-9922 toll free

Consulting - $65 per hour
Note that Painless Web only works directly on Unix/Linux web sites. We do, however, provide consulting services for sites on Microsoft IIS servers. Not sure what you've got? Call us to find out; 434 242-1841, or 866 234-9922 toll free

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Site Evaluation

Sorry, but due to surprisingly high demand, this service is no longer available for free. Note, however, that the fee is applied as a credit toward any work you might have us do for you. If you would like to do the evaluation yourself, materials and worksheets can be found here.

If you can bear to part with $45, however, we will perform our 15 point web site evaluation for you. This covers a number of important factors about your site including:

    • Domain name registration issues
    • Site organization and navigation
    • Browser and monitor display compatibility
    • Content usability
    • Search engine status
    • ...and much more.

These reports are 3 to 5 pages long, and include consultation on any corrective action needed. Call or email now to get yours.

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Consulting & Talks

Although Painless Web only builds sites for small businesses, we consult on web sites of all sizes. This can take the form of site analysis, usability testing, mediation between design stakeholders, streamlining work flows, technical workshops, talks, etc.

Founder Mark Cohen is still offering free talks for non-commercial groups.* These entertaining talks can be 20 minutes to an hour in length. Topics available include, how the internet works, how computers work, business web site basics, home web site how-to's, and computer and internet security issues.

Hand-outs are provided. Minimum audience age is 14. Talks can also be tailored to your specific needs for a variety of web development and computer-related technical issues at the regular consulting rates.

* Travel expenses and/or time may be billed outside the central VA area. Contact Mark for details.



NOTE: New clients are no longer being accepted.

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